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Shane Secerta

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My name is Shane Secerta. I flew into town a few days ago. Born and raised in LLC baby! LLC was a crazy place, i used to work as a procurer of supplies at some of the night clubs in liberty city. Through my vast contacts i eventually met the one and only Tony Prince and later working for him as a procurer and other odd jobs. I looked up to the man he owned so many clubs and made me aspire to be like him and own my own club and possibly a chain of clubs. I eventually met in fell in love with a blonde named Luci and she was shot and killed during a bank robbery in LLC i don't talk abut her much. when luci died something broke inside me i became withdrawn and fell out of touch with all my contacts I became meek mild and quiet. Eventually i got back out there but tony prince was gone. It was like he had vanished into thin air, some of the rumors said something about diamonds and mobsters. With my job and boss gone and my savings drained from luci's medical bills i came to los santos to get a fresh start with the dreams of owning my own night club here in los santos.

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