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Archer Braxton

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Archer Braxton, a 28-year-old man who grew up with difficulties in his own personal life with his mom and her non-stopping debt to gambling and drinking. He was left all alone in the world because she kept having boyfriends who kept drinking as well. Archer was severely bullied in school life and suffered a degree of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the experience,  along with his mother's less than ideal parenting, which is likely what caused him to be such an unrelenting bully in his later life as a way of coping with his trauma. As he grew older, He soon started to drink as we’ll falling under his mother’s footsteps, but he was able to control his drinking. Soon after he pursued what he really wanted to do only to apply to join the military. He served 2 years in Mandarin before his years in service. He was known as the 2nd best in the training regiment. He’s a man of many traits such as Agility, Strength, Driving, Fluent speech and shooting including drinking.  Despite his high opinion of himself, it is not without some basis, as he is in many ways above average. While Archer does insist on compensating anyone from whom he commandeers equipment or goods, he often puts his own spin on what is an "even" trade. Despite often being considered foolish, he is actually rather intelligent when not letting his ego get in the way.  He can also be very hypocritical with any actions that will help others are almost certainly for his own benefit, even when they put his allies in danger. He then later went on into his two tours and in his tours, there was a total of 5 covert operations which he successfully passed with the sacrifice of his brothers in arms. The IAA soon recognized his work in Los Santos, Which brought him to the most intense training after two months of training one of the top dogs in the IAA. He would start his new life in the Los Santos IAA Headquarters. A few confidential cases in his career that could put lives in jeopardy, important lives. The Job where he had to break into the fib building to steal files that would expose 7 covert operators who had been deployed onto non-U.S. soil where they were asked to the corrupt government system in Turkistan. The operation consisted of six men, six men who went under code names of Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Nairobi, Moscow, and Berlin. The details can’t be expressed further than this including with Archer they were asked to come in the building through different entrances and when but leave using the same exit to the rendezvous point when an explosion happened at the exit which caused his team in bits, but archer lost an arm, and he was left in a coma for three years waking up with no contacts in LS looking to find answers for the explosion that happened three years ago Finding one of his comrades Named Rio who survived living a high life still working for the IAA as archer investigated him he finds out that the IAA burned him for treason which led to archer confronting Rio asking him why he was burned, Rio didn’t answer him, and he didn’t like the impression that he was being spied on by archer and Rio pulled a gun out on archer and archer shot him leaving Rio to die. Archer knows he had no friends and no money he wanted to pursue a new life in Los Santos. Possibly as a result of his lonely and friendless childhood, Archer seems trapped in perpetual adolescence, never taking anything seriously until it personally affects him, arrogantly assuming that things will ultimately work out in his favor. And from time to time he has frequently alluded to believing he is immortal. And has been believed to be the world’s stupidest spy.

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