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Clay Billings

Clay Billings

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Clay was born of English/Scottish decent in 1979. He had a rough childhood, being a son of a single Mother who left an abusive relationship when he only 3 months old. This caused his upbringing to be one of malcontent, and not having respect for authority. He continuously got into trouble, but never did anything that would make him end up in Juvenile Hall. After he turned 13, his Mother found love again, to a former naval officer. This caused jealousy to form within Clay, as he always the center of attention. As his Mother's new relationship grew stronger, her boyfriend saw that Clay was full of angst and aggression. Knowing that this would be a cause for concern later in Clay's life, he took it upon himself with Clay's Mothers' permission to enlist Clay in a cadet program. This would teach him how to respect authority, and gain self confidence.

Clay did not respond well at first to the idea. There was some hostility at first, but once time past, he saw the benefits of sticking with it. There were weekend activities at a lake camp, where he got to experience sailing during the summer, and outdoor camping in the winter time. These were activities that he would never have experienced, as they were funded by the Federal Government. The cadet officers were strict, but not unkind. They hardened Clay into a proper member of society through weekly drills, but also taught him how to compassionate to others through the use of volunteering programs.

Once Clay graduated from being a cadet and entered adult-hood, he applied for enrollment with his local law enforcement detachment. He was looking to start his career as a law enforcement officer, and new that the local detachment was always looking for new talent. It took three months for his security clearance to come back, but once it was done, he was accepted.

He was shipped off to a training academy, where he spent 5 months in a grueling training regime. They covered everything from how to handle verbal confrontations, firearms usage, driving skills, and manners of etiquette towards both criminals and complainants. He passed through the training with flying colors, and was ready to receive his new posting as a constable. At this point in his career, he was 'Wet behind the ears', and full of words meaning duty and honor.

His new post was somewhere remote, which was to be expected. There was only a population of a few thousand people, and only four officers including himself to cover that region of 100 square miles. He mostly dealt with civil complaints such as domestic disturbance calls. The town was full of redneck drunks that liked to get into trouble, which tested his patience from time to time. There were also the traffic stops, which were attributed to the same thing. There was not much action going on, and Clay was eager to cut his teeth on something more challenging.

Sure enough, he got his chance. He was busy patrolling his assignment, when he heard a 10-90 come across his radio. Dispatch ordered him and all other units to the local bank to address the situation. He engaged Code 2 and proceeded as fast as he could. Once he the last one scene to arrive. He noticed that the other officers on scene were wounded but not fatally. They received gunshot wounds, but were too injured to use their radios. The suspects' vehicle was still on scene, and the other patrol cars still remained on scene as well. He knew that the suspects were still on scene, but didn't have the necessary qualifications to handle the situation.

Clay called to dispatch requesting a special tactics team, a negotiator, and ambulances to come from the nearest city. Once he had an ETA of their arrival, he did the only other thing that he could do. This was the attempt of getting the other officers out of further harm, and into a safe zone while waiting for backup to arrive. Clay was sneak around the outside perimeter, knowing that his own life was on the line, grabbing one injured colleague at a time. He was able to bring them to a dark alley, out of view of the suspects.

Clay waited there with his fellow brothers, attempting to determine the severity of their wounds. He knew that he had to eventually communicate with the suspects to know their intentions. He managed to hold them in conversation until the special tactics team and negotiator arrived. Once they took over, he assisted the medical team with getting the injured officers out of the hostile area and into the ambulances.

After it was all said and done, he was awarded with a medal of bravery, and given accommodation for his efforts in a time of crisis. Clay was given extended leave to recover from the traumatic events that unfolded. He chose to visit Los Santos, where he is currently taking up activities such as fishing, hiking, and being a hobby mechanic.

All he needs now, are a few friends to associate with.....

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