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Report a Player - Skye (moderator/admin)

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  • In-game Character Name
    Connor McJesus
  • Name of the player(s) you're reporting
    Skye (moderator/admin)
  • I have attempted to resolve this issue
  • Date of the incident
  • Time of incident
    10:30 ish pm
  • Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident
    Yesterday night after a fishing trip I stole a motorycycle. I was riding around for a bit when the owner of the mororcycle and his friends started chasing me. I did a big circle and came back to where I knew my friends where. They hit me off my bike and killed me upon arrival. Luckily my friend was there and was able to take 3 of them out before he himself was shot. It was a completely legitimate Roleplay scenario and even tho we got killed we were still having fun. Then out of nowhere my friend (Avery Scooby) was banned for 4 days for "Combat logging" even tho he never left the server. He was also banned for "Fail Rp" even tho it was us he was being attacked first so I have no idea what he meant by that. Skye was with the guys we were being chased by and he claimed that we were both "Trolls" for no reason at all and was talking shit to us while we were dead. He refused to explain himself at all on why he banned him and instead kept giving us smug answers.
  • Add your evidence
    This isn't our first encounter with Skye. Completely biased staff memeber who likes to flex his "admin ability" and feel big whenever he can. We both really like the sever exept this admin in particular has no interest in legitimate Roleplay and only wants to help his friends and punish anyone who gets does something as simple as steal from them. If you steal a bike from skye or his friends you will be told that you are a "troll" and banned. Last I checked stealing vehicles and mugging people isn't "trolling" it's roleplay.
  • I have read the terms

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This action has been investigated and shall now be considered as concluded. Action has been taken to prevent issues as these in the future. Thank you for your report!

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