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Makall Westwood

Seasonal Holiday Events

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Things like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and so on and so forth would be great to celebrate as a city in some way, in multiple parties where everyone (who gets along in a common setting for the RP) could relax, network, start fights, etc. Scenarios through the roof could be possible. I think it would be fun to hold raffles or car shows at like Liberty Square (that's what it is called right?) or whatever. 

Halloween we can do a server wide event for best costume or style as part of a theme. 

Christmas could be like snow in the city for the party and we all go up into the mountains maybe. 

Easter could be an egg hunt where you have to find someone in a certain restricted area and we could do multiple around the map and whoever first finds that person gets maybe 1 Million or a car of their choice... etc. 

Just random ideas really.

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