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Steve Lee - The Newcomer.

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Steve Lee and his family, grew up in the streets of Hong Kong. Surrounded by street gangs and Triad crime syndicates.
Like every street kid with not much guidance at home, turns to the streets to find a place, people, to belong to. The life changing moment for Steve is when his family and him retaliated against a senseless murder of their grandfather who was murdered during a botched robbery. The Lee family brutally and recklessly avenged their grandfather by murdering the 3 robbers but was unfortunately seen by city street cameras. Law enforcement could not prove their faces but had a lot of obvious leads that brought heat to the family. So Steve and family all fled Hong Kong to escape capture and came to Los Santos to try to live a better life, a legit life. Growing up on the shores of Hong Kong, Steve was able to put his coastal skills to be a fisherman in North Los Santos. Saving his money to help bring the rest of his family to Los Santos and see where the so called “American Dream” can be attained…

Steve at the age of 30 was the calm leveled headed member of the family. He uses reasoning and complex thinking before acting on will, which will result in a more well mannered citizen. Though if pushed to a corner the bloodline of the Lee Family will show its ugly face and show the utmost aggression. Steve has always had a caring nature for the family, always thinking about the next move and advancements for his brother (Marqs) and him. It's time for Steve to face Los Santos and either use his knowledge for good, or stray to the criminal mastermind of what he used to be accustomed to. His strongest traits will be the knowledge of automobiles and firearms, while the rest of the family will back him up with brute force. Be ready Los Santos, there's a storm coming and it will catch you off guard.

Lee Family Tree:
Marqs Lee (Older brother of Steve Lee - Male)
Steve Lee (Younger brother of Marqs Lee- Male)
Brandon Lee (Lee Family Cousin/Younger Brother to Khom – Male)
Khom Lee (Lee Family Cousin/Older Brother to Brandon - Male) 

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