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Tobias Miser

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Tobias is a middle aged man (35) bearing a long island/new Yorker accent with the tone of a person who smoke way too much cigarettes for his age, who move to Los Santos as suggested by his therapist due to his apparent “anger issues”, anger issues influences by his violent crime related past. Fresh out of anger management he was caught assaulting yet another person, a middle aged gentlemen in a supermarket over the difference between bananas and plantains, he was charged with aggravated assault, this led to his dear friend Jebadi insisting that he takes up other activities to help curb his outburst. Tobias took on the sport of golf and in his head he’s nothing but the greatest to ever lived but in reality Tobias has the worse scorecard in history within his native golf club. Tobias’s anger is not where it once was due to golfing, it would appear as if he has found a bit og kindness in his heart as he looks to turn a new leaf in the city of Los Santos as suggested by his friend Jebadi.

Upon arriving in Los Santos, Tobias sought out means to make money, his first stop from the airport was the Job Center. There Tobias applied to be a fisherman as he was familiar with it, on his first day he rented a boat, raised the anchor and cast off into the open ocean thinking of nothing but the riches that were yet to come, little did he know horror that laid ahead. Sailing for hours Tobias finally reached the popular spot where other fishermen had gathered, he lowered the nets, grabbed his rod and cast it out in full confidence that this was the day, but the weather suddenly turned for the worst, the seas instantly became rough swaying the boat violently from side to side before it capsized throwing Tobias overboard into the dark deep blue sea. It all happened so quickly, Tobias was startled as he was thrown off and sent into a panic before the violent waves knocked him unconscious, a few hours past before he came through to find a ship in the distance, Tobias swam to it as fast as he could, as he drew closer he saw a rope dangling along the side of the ship which he used to climb aboard. On reaching the top deck he met a man, the captain by the name of Myk Mcgee a fellow fisherman who was smart enough to check the weather forecast before setting sail. Myk and Tobias chatted a bit as Tobias told him what had happened, they both had a good laugh before setting sail back to shore. That day Tobias made a new friend in Myk Mcgee.


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