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Level of RP


Hey Everyone,

I was wondering what you guys would say the level of rp is on this server. Im checking different ones out and I wanted to know if this is a mature, professional server. Im looking for very serious and realistic rp, especially from the civs. Thanks for any help!


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Hi Vince!

Thank you for your question.

Here at American Dream Roleplay we pride ourselves on having the best roleplay around! We have a very active community who all have exceptional RP. We even have a reward system to reward people who provide us with some top notch quality roleplay that is enjoyable for the entire server! We do get the occasional fool who tries to ruin it but I'm proud to say that our staff team is one of the best we have! They quickly handle the situation to make sure your playtime is not affected and that your immersion isn't broken. You won't find a better staff team anywhere else!

Look forward to seeing you around the city!

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