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Sami Lewis

Introduction-Sami Lewis

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 character's background/story.

Samuel aka Sami had it all, had a wife, 2 kids friends and family who loved him. One night Sami and his family were going out for a family outing. They had a great time and built memories. On their way home the roads became slippery because of the rain, Sami slowed down to get a better visibility, he was able to continue and maintain him lane, he starts to come on a bend and as the apex of it he saw that someone was in his lane, unable to maneuver he was strucked head on by another driver, they flipped and rolled and landed on the roof.

He looked at his family as they laid there unconscious. he panicked and tried to reach out to them only to find him self weak and then passed out. Next thing he knew he woke up in a hospital surround by his family and friends, he asked "what happened" they replied " you were in a bad car accident and have been in a coma for 2 months, they were about to pull the plug on you and you began to show some life"

Not knowing how to respond, he immediate sat up and asked where his wife and kids were, everyone had a look of sorrow on their face and said "they did not located them after the crash and the search crew deemed it and KOS but unable to locate the bodies."

Sami didn't know what to say, he had lost everything he had and loved the most, he was cleared from the hospital and offered a ride he had lost everything he had and loved the most, he was cleared from the hospital and offered a ride home by his friend, he he got home and couldn't get himself to go into the door, so he turned around and started to walk. A few days go by and Sami has yet to be home, at this moment he has not slept or ate food as he could not bare to do it cause all he could think about was his lost family.

He roamed a few more days in the street when he passed a local mart and they had on the news that a family of 3 had just awoken from a 2 month coma and they need help to ID the people. Sami out of nowhere had a bust of life shoot through him, he now felt he had a purpose to live, he stared at the TV viewing his beautiful family, began to wonder how he was going to go see them.

He turned and started to think, just as that happened a hooded person stepped in Sami's view, Sami gazed in shock as a familiar face to Sami approached and says " Sami we need to talk........."

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