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Report a Player - Rinq Homie

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  • In-game Character Name
    Vladimir Doktorejevits
  • Name of the player(s) you're reporting
    Rinq Homie
  • I have attempted to resolve this issue
  • Date of the incident
  • Time of incident
  • Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident
    It all started in the fishing area, where you can spawn a truck to deliver fish to delivery point. A random guy with the same outfit started to shoot at my truck, so I drove as fast as possible and got away. Suddenly when I was arriving into the city (Los Santos) I saw a white car like Porsche 911 following me for a long period of time, so I decided that the safest place to go is garage because it is a safe/green zone. Arrived there, he came out of the car and shouted, come out of the car, I tried to explain him that it is green zone, no illegal actions are allowed here, but he did not care and just killed me, took my fishing truck and drove away.
    I did a /report aswell, but unfortunately no one responded and about 2-3 minutes later the guy who shot me left the server.
  • Add your evidence
  • I have read the terms

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