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Mark Hammond

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Jetlagged, and drunk, Mark, stumbled into the city after a domestic flight from Austin, Texas. Determined to thrive in California, he sat down on a bench, repacking his luggage before taking his first ride into the town he loved for its beauty but hated for the people who killed his childhood friend, Mr Elias Ketchman. The city was different, something he had never seen before. With the phone and sim card Elias left him, he was able to get into contact with many of Elias' business partners and friends. Mark braced himself and ventured into the unknown of city life. Trying to stay below the radar with his plans, Mark attempted to look legal to most except for those close to him till he was ready to go under as a criminal and joining the movement for the people his friend once supported.


That was until he found out about the shortage of Ubers and Taxis in the city despite Los Santos being a populated city. As he ran alongside roads to the job center to register as a employed citizen, he found a metallic blue convertible Ferrari, which he got into gladly and drove up to the fishing pier, ready to work and thrive. He borrowed some money from the bank to cover his deposit of the fishing vessel and set out slowly, knowing it was low tide.


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