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Who is Elias Ketchman?

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Elias Ketchman is a young, fine, Texas born man. He was raised outside of the city where his family spent most of their time operating their family farm and living the countryside life. His grandfather and father were cowboys and went everywhere with their signature hat. Unfortunately, his father was killed in a shootout as a police officer. Much remembered by the community living just outside Austin as a lovely chap. As the family lose their sole breadwinner, Elias had to drop out of school and sell their family farm. He then relocated with his mother to Los Santos, California in search of a city life, to make his father proud. Living in the back of his black Escalade, he's been hopping from job to job. Ultimately, he aims to follow in his father's footsteps to serve the country/community as either a police officer or even as a coast guard. He always looks to the sky when he has the time and enjoys being around helicopters. If you ever meet Elias, be sure to talk to him. All he wants is to live his life to the fullest in case anything goes south suddenly and defend the people.


P.S. He likes to change the colour of his hat sometimes

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