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He's witty, precise and dauntless. This isn't surprising considering for someone with his dreadful past .

He was born and grew up in a fairly rich family in a poor town, he lived free of worries until he was about 8 years old, but at that point things changed.

He lost his family in a natural disaster and was stealing food from town to town when he was caught by the law. It didn’t take him long to sneak out and break free. While persued by the authority he had to survive in a rough world. But with his charm and inginuity, he managed to remain out of reach of danger and overpower anybody who's intentions weren’t in his favor. This has turned him into the man he is today.

Still plagued by the past, he now works as a hired gun and works on trucks, bikes, and cars. By doing so, he hopes to find joy and happiness in life and finally find joy and love for life he has never had.

Black, wavy hair neatly coiffured to reveal a bony, menacing face. Darting blue eyes, set rooted within their sockets, watch anxiously over the trailer park and logging routes they've looked for so long.
A gunshot left a mark reaching from just under the left eye , running towards the left side of his lips and ending on his right cheek leaves a lingering reminder of how close he came to death that day.
This is the face of Jebadi McCreedy, a true hero among outlaws. He stands hidden among others, despite his large frame.

There's something puzzling about him, perhaps it's his sense of humor or perhaps it's simply a feeling of arogance. But nonetheless, people tend to subtly ignore him, while jealousy consumes them.

There's a lot to say about Ole Jebadi McCreedy, but two things you'll never forget are that he's ada ptable and decisive. Of course he's also adventurous, charming and clever, but they're tainted by and mixed with habits of being mean and short tempered as well.
His adaptability though, this is what he's kind of cherished for. On many occasions people will count on this and his aspirations whenever they need help.

Nobody's perfect of course and Ole Jebadi has a fair share of lesser days too. His crassness and vindictive nature can cause things to heat up and just affect all around negatively.
Fortunately his decisive and charming nature is usually there to help mends things when needed.


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Jeb is a solid guy - every interaction has been on point and nothing less than solid rp

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