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Peoples Republic Lottery

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Hey all,

Wanted to officially announce on the forums, The Peoples Republic Lottery.

How It works-

  • Starting Jackpot will be $100,000.
  • People can purchase tickets off members of the PR for $2,000 per ticket.
  • 80% of ticket revenue goes into the Jackpot to help it grow in size each week!
  • There are 4 Balls per Draw, Maximum number per ball is 20. This is to increase the chance of a winner.
  • You can purchase as many tickets as you want!
  • If there is no winner, the Jackpot will roll over to the next week.
  • We will be tracking the name of everyone who buys a ticket and their numbers on their tickets!

I have made a custom coded & designed spreadsheet to allow this to work. Here is an example of a draw. (Design is still a work in progress)

Every draw we will contact the winner (if applicable) and post in this thread a video of the weeks draw. Also considering doing the draw on stream too! Winners will have 48 hours to respond and receive their winnings!


For now, I want to keep this as a once per week thing, but will see how everyone reacts and might be open to 2 a week.

Tickets are available now, with the first draw on Thursday the 23rd of May in the evening (EST TIME) -

Official Ticket Salesmen are:

  • Timothy Rockson
  • Sean Maxwell
  • Tito Carone
  • Marcus Reece
  • John Stick


To see purchased tickets so far, what numbers people have each week & the CURRENT JACKPOT check out this google document. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OqvzJknMLwjTKnH7o7HdcxkSMQD98pvZa3fLMkBcxsM/edit?usp=sharing


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Congratulations to Chad Linden, winner of $758,400 after Week 1.

VOD of the draw for those interested, can be found here - 



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3 hours ago, Chest Savage said:

Chest Savage has won the 3balls row 298

chest the 3 ball payout is subject to if there was a jackpot winner or not. in this case the jackpot was hit, so therefore, you don't win anything.

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