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Interview of Rone Williams

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"The peanut Butter to his jelly , His Right hand man, His Blood Brother." Rone Williams grew up in foster care his entire life,Alone at first, There he met a friend , NO!!  a brother, whose bond could never be broken.  where one went, the other followed. Never separated if one was around  the other was near by.

Interviewer : So Rone, Whats one of the craziest  things you did with each other when you were both Kids

Rone : Ahh man thats a tough one to answer, but the first one that comes to mind is , in middle school a group of older kids tried to bully my brother. Now hes no punk! so of course he fought them then and there. but these guys were like 4 grades older and was 3 of them. he took down one of them before their numbers took over. and before i could even reach the end of the hall to help him the teachers broke it up. 

Interviewer : you must have been upset, yes ?

Rone : Oh at first i had so much rage i couldnt breathe, but what ever you do to my brother or me we will always Return it back 3x worse. 

* Rone smurks* 

Rone :  so anyways back to the story. so the next day as the morning bell rang.  i walked up to their group's ring leader and hit him in the back with a brick , the sound of his head made  people scream in horror. as he fell to the ground i stood over and looked him in his crying eyes dropped the brick on his face and said " Die slow " and walked away.

Interviewer : and what happen to the kid?

Rone : he didnt die * laughs* he just has to wear a helmet to protect his brain for the rest of his life, you know... because his skull is shattered.

Interviewer : and how did u end up here ? 

* Alarm Rings* 

*police Officer* : Times up Inmate

Rone : people like to Fuck with my brother to much.

* being dragged away* 

Rone : and when i get out , im going to go find him!  IN WHATEVER CITY HE MIGHT BE IN !



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