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The backstory of Rodrigo Sanchez.

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Born on the 22nd of October 1987, in a lowlife neighborhood in mexico, son of Juanita and Pedro Sanchez.

Juanita was working as a cleaning lady for the upper class of mexico, while Pedro was a mechanic, both barely making any cash.

When Rodrigo was eight years old his mother was having a baby, but because they didn't have good hospitals in this part of Mexico she died while giving birth, the baby then turned out to be a baby girl, she was called Katherine Sanchez, Rodrigo took care of his sister while his father was at work. The family barely made it, ten years after when Rodrigo was 18 years old and his sister Katherine was 10, Pedro decided to give them money and told them to fly to America, so they'll succeed and fulfill their golden dream.

After flying to America, Rodrigo met a little boy around the age of 14, his name was Santiago Munez, the boy took them to his street and his family adopted the duo into their home.

Living for 15 years with the family Santiago and Katherine became a couple, and they liked each other very much.

Rodrigo was fulfilling his golden dream, making his mother and father proud.

Santiago and Rodrigo were great friends, doing mischief and crimes together around town, robbing some defenseless rich men and women.

Now Rodrigo is waiting to see what comes next in store for him, after he met some suspicious rich criminals, and they give him their number.

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