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ryan cooper

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A Caring young man and very helpfull, Born on the 2nd of April 1991 in a city called Rotterdam, in a small country called the Netherlands.

He has a twin brother aswell and he had a sister who was born on 1993 10th of April.

He was only 5 years old when he lost both his parents to a car accident instantly, he and his brother miraculously survived without a scratch, unfortunately their sister wasn't that lucky and died at the hospital after 5 hours of treatment.

Ryan and his brother, Marcus were quickly adopted and lived with their new parents until their 12th birthday.

Their new parents were unfortunately very abusive and mistreated and hit them for years, on Their 12th birthday, wich they never celebrated in the first place.... Ryan decided to make a break for it and ended up living on the streets, he never got to see his brother as he left him behind aswell....

To survive he had to steal food and money, his street skills made him very agile however. He learned the arts of parkour and knew some self thought fighting moves from different cultures just by memorising street fights.

He used to hang out at a mechanic shop in the heart of rotterdam as he became friends with the owner of the place. (the only person he dind't rob for some reason.)

After much paying attention to his work he decided he wanted to give it a try himself, the owner noticed this and gave him a car to work on and observed his work.

The owner liked what he saw and gave him a job as mechanic, Ryan was 16 at that time.

Unfortunately the owner died of sickness short after he joined the crew and he lost his job again since there was nobody who was able to take over the place.

Ryan then went freelance on the streets, helping people with their cars for little to nothing labour price since he just enjoyed it.

After that he would join the Dutch Millitary Forces as a Marine to serve a few years until he had enough to move to Los Santos. He went there to better his life and to live the American dream.
There he would join Bayview as a mechanic, where he climbed the ladder till he became the new Owner He still works there and lives with a nice family including: Inori Cooper - His adopter child from Japan who is now engaged and has a child named Ryan Junior, honorably named after Ryan himself. and a German Wife called Erika ''Cooper'' Witgenschtein.



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