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Report a Player

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Report a Player

There are rules in place to make sure the game is played fairly - by everyone. People who tend to break them have a lack of respect to others, we have rules in place for reasons and those who break them will be punished.


Sadly evidence is a must when you are reporting another player, that's just how it works. We also have some rules to the evidence as shown.

Requirements for videos:

  • Functional audio (your mic & ingame)
  • Minimal 5 minutes of footage (can be shorter if the evidence is sufficient)
  • Not been edited
  • Decent quality

Requirements for images:

  • Decent quality
  • Not been edited

Staff word is final

We ask you to at least accept the staff team result. If you cannot accept it and bother us it can result in a ban. We're here to help, not to serve for you.


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