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Joel Case Jr

Bill Adams / Nora O'Connor / Trevor O'Connor

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         Ginger has been in the server for months. With many characters and their backgrounds alongside great RP to follow. My first interaction with him as Trevor O'Connor at Trevor's trailer,me,Trevor and Sean talked there for hours about how we were going to expand our criminal lives and make money . After that he brought along Bill Adams. Bill is a Vietnam vet who hates the government and the legal system, on that note Bill always stays away from the law and never sticks his neck out which also entails no gun licences or licenses of any kind for that matter. He also has a love for motorcycles which brought him to the Lost MC. With the Lost MC hes been a very loyal and important member by helping with gang wars,helping the church fund and helping members and prospects when need be. Trevor O'Connor is now a member of my organization, the Caretakers. Trevor works with info on our targets he also lets no one see his face, not even I. Gingers most notable and known character, Nora O'Connor Nora is a guy from the O'Connor family who at a young age always was wondering why he was a boy and if he could become a girl. Once O.C.S was officially in Los Santos the O'Connors sent Nora over and paid for her sex change so no one would bat an eye upon her arrival. She now works for Gruppe6 and enforces parking and trespassing laws like none other. I feel that Ginger should be nominated for a  NRP  because with all of these characters he has a different attitude, voice and outlook on everything. He also keeps his cool over all situations whether its a gun fight hes lost, hes been robbed or even if someone is being toxic towards him in game.

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