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Joel Case Jr

Tyreek Clark

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Tyreek comes from Jamestown Street, through his stages of adolescence he constantly witnessed his father Taymond doing hard drugs ( crack,meth,coke etc.) while his mother Kaylan was constantly working 9 to 5's and doing any side work possible to pay the bills. Once he saw this he wanted to make his mother proud while able to make good money at the same time. Since living so close to Grove Street he saw the lowriders and sport cars that the Ballas rode around in which flicked a switch... a switch that would flicker on a light for his love for cars and more to come. He started by helping the Ballas with their low riders with the suspension,hydraulics,tuning,body work and so much more on the cars.


    In his early months as a young adult he started to dabble into street racing,drift events,gymkhanas and so much more. One night while street racing he received a call from a LSPD officer informing him while he was gone his mother was killed by his father while he was on meth... once his father realized what he did it seemed that he OD'd on the rest of the drugs he had in his possession. This crushed Tyreek, the only person he cared about. Gone? This seemed to be the end of Tyreek's world. After his mothers funeral which cost him every last penny he owned to create the best remembrance of her he could. He sold everything he had for pennies to the dollar after this he moved into section eight housing and did absolutely nothing with his life, stayed inside and played racing games. Until now, hes trying for his mother to do something with his life and not be like his father... a dead beat.


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