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Name: Kim Kee

Gender: Male

Birthday: July, 4, 1984

Country Of Origin: China

Ethnicity: Asian

Occupation: Fisherman

Status: Single

   Kim Kee Is a person of Asian Decent, Recently he has moved to the United States to find a new life and to become a part of the "American Dream". When Kim first arrived to Los Santos he struggled to fit in, But over time he noticed the opportunists at hand. Currently Kim can be found working on the docks or out at sea as a fisherman. He works hard and long to make his living, However has had numerous run-in's with a local gang that terrorizes fishermen like himself. In one run in Kim has been shot in the arm during a highway robbery but he managed to use his work truck to run the bikers off the road and escape. His second time encountering this gang left Kim stranded in the desert with his box truck and $25,000 in the hole. It will be a long journey for Kim and his anger towards the gangs of Los Santos, But only Time Will write his story.

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If some pesky gangs are robbing you, you didn't hear it from me but tweet for The Company

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