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Relly Cromwell

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Name: Relly Cromwell 

Gender: Female

Birthday: 11march1987

Birth Country: Estonia (Eastern Europe)

Ethnic: White

European Education: Järvamaa (lake county) vocational education center-learned clothing sewing&design

Occupation: Because I'm a new in city i try to do differen jobs so i can find the perfect one for myself.

Relationship: single

About me: In childhood i lived in countryside(Eastern Europe)with my granny,mom and two sisters. Our family moved to a smaller town when i was 7 years old.  Abaut my shool..so in Basic school my classmates teased me because my family wasnt rich. Later in high school i was littlebit popular girl, i did get new friends. Only negative was in school that my roommate was suicidal thinking girl, so i had to watch her and this affected my studies badly, I was often at parties to relax. But all that experience in young was good, I grew up to be a good person.I like help people. Im a shy quiet girl with a big good heart.Im a loyal to friends and loved one. English is not my native language, so i often stutter, but im learning, its all good. I love animals, my best true friend is my cat, i really love her. I moved here because my friends moved here and i was thinking why not to accept new challenges in life and this was my best decision in life, rarwww



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