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Johnny Chan

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Johnny Chan was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. His older brother Johnny Tran went to Los Santos but had a short lived life there after he was gunned down trying to save an innocent by standard while working on the job as an Uber driver. Johnny Chan looked up to his older brother and decided to move to Los Santos to find out who killed his brother. Johnny Chan is ready to get vengeance on the criminals, but in the mean time he's finding out information that could possibly lead to his brothers killer.

Johnny Chan's main job in Los Santos is being a fisherman and provides Uber services to Los Santos on his spare time to get to know everyone and eventually start his investigation on the death of his older brother.

Johnny Chan is an honest loyal guy. He values honestly and loyalty the most over anything else because that's what his brother thought him. If Johnny Chan says he will do it, then he will get it done because he is a determined individual. All he is looking for is people he can trust and no amount of money will deter him from his loyalty to others.

If Johnny Chan is betrayed though, then he is very focus and determined and he will not let anything stop him from getting vengeance on the people who burn bridges and snitches.

Johnny Chan is always vigilant and you have to gain his trust constantly as he's constantly always paranoid.

If Johnny Chan can ever trust you, he will keep it 100% with you as well, he expects loyalty for loyalty.

To be continuted...


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