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[American Roleplay] Guide

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American Dream Role-play: Guide
Written by: Tourelle4u

This role-play guide was designed to teach all our members the basic of role-playing in hopes of reducing player reports and having a successful role-play community. This entire guide was designed to help pass the member application and written based off our server rule-book. As new rules are released and created I will update the hand-book to help with those rule's. In the event that the handbook contradicts any of the rule's please inform me so I can fix it as soon as possible, and if you would like anything added let me know.

What is Roleplay?

What is role-playing is often a question asked by all new role-players and visitors in or community. Role-playing is the art of acting or performing out scenarios that may happen in a make-believe world or character. In ADRP we offer an endless opportunity of role-play from robbing, fishing, mechanical work, police, fire, EMT, etc. If you can think it you can do it in our world, as long as it does not break any server rule's. Of course we have limitations like and community but these are only put in place so that we can make sure every member enjoy's the role-play and has fun.

The first thing you want to do before even joining the game is put thought into the character you will be role-playing. You will want to design their background, family life, education, social group, race, and even the personality type to make your role-play more detailed. Please make sure that any character name you pick follows our rule's and is realistic not a name no-one would have in real-life.

Common Roleplay Terms


One of the most common role-play terms you will hear during your time in our community is IC stands fr in-character. If you are in-game and using our voice chat or even in-character texts like /me or /do you are in-character. You should never talk about your real-life in voice-chat or even in character chat under any circumstances. There are many commands in our server that will allow you to have the best role-play possible and I recommend you view the Command List under Tutorials also written by Tourelle4u. Make sure you never use symbols, abbreviations or even emoji's while in-character chat and please treat all role-play properly.


Another term you may hear is OOC and it stands for out-of-character. OOC is any required communications between players or staff that is not related to a role-play event. Whenever in-game you should always avoid going OOC unless it is necessary for role-play our OOC is world wide so you ruin the role-play for everyone in server if using OOC. Acceptable uses of OOC would be staff issues, sexual role-play consent or having to handle IRL situations and informing people of that. NEVER go OOC unless it is urgent remain IC at all times if it can be helped.


Non-role is another term used to describe any unrealistic events or actions that would hurt or ruin a role-play experience for others. A common example of this is not responding to someone when they are trying to role-play with you or ignore /me and /do in chat wish ruins the role-play for every who is in the area.


Meta Gaming is one you will find in our application process to become white listed, so you should read this carefully and remember do not copy and paste this into your application you must use your own words. Meta-Gaming is a term used to describe many different things in our world. The most common definition of this term is using any out-of-character information to an in-character advantage. Some other examples of meta-gaming talking OOCly in VOIP, relaying your locations to players on discord, or private messaging a friend on the discord or forums about IC issues. The biggest thing you can do for meta-gaming is telling a friend to log into the game for any event you want to do ICly, they MUST be in game and informed in game not outside the game.


A big issues we see in other communities is Power Gaming, it's a term we use to describe unrealistic role-play that is forcing others without giving them an opportunity to resist or respond back to the role-play. In all terms it means you control their character unwilling due to the actions you performed and is strictly forbidden on our community. Always allow the member to have a chance to respond to your role-play in some way.


Death Matching is referred to the act of killing or attacking other players in our server without a valid in-character reason we have more then one categories for deathmatching so review below.

  • Revenge Killing:

          We often see members conduct revenge killings on the server, keep in mind that this type of Death Matching Violates our New Life Rule and is describe as a player who kills another player simply because they've killed them previously. With the NLR rule you will loose all memory of events leading up to your death and this also includes the identity of anyone who killed you and even the fact you were killed.

  • Vehicle Death-Matching

          Another issue we often see is VDM (Vehicle Death Matching) it is a term we use to describe a form of deathmatching in wish a vehicle is used as a weapon without any valid reason or even using the vehicle to kill people incorrectly,

  • Kill On Sight (KOS)

         Kill on Sight is a term we use to describe a scenario in-which you just attack a player or kill them without any sort of role-play keep in mind KOS can be used if someone threatened your life and you did not die from it, you are allowed to return and kill them without the role-play as long as you have a valid reason!


New Life Rule:

Our New Life Rule (NLR) was designed to prevent you from making contact with your killers, keep in mind your character forgets all events that lead up to their death including the identity of the killer. Any players who were evolved in the role-play should avoid role-playing each other for thirty minutes.

Roleplay Logging:

Role-Play logging or what we may also call Combat Logging is a term used by staff and members that means the player has left the server, logged off, or even went AFK during an active role-play. If you had a game crash please inform the members on Discord that you are experiencing issues, if you are unable to contact the players you must provide evidence of the issue if a player report is made.

Green Zone:

A Green Zone (GZ) is a term we use that describes any "Safe zones" or zones in the server that do not allow crimes under any circumstances. These zones are in the hand book of rule's and must be followed, keep in mind you may flea from law enforcement and other players to a GZ but the player is still ALLOWED to harm you if you flea into the zone, they are not to be used to avoid role-play scenes.

Roleplay Commands


This command is used to describe actions or things that are happening with your character. /me will show up in chat to help increase the role-play try to use this as much as possible for better role-play don't rely on VOIP.

Please remember to word /me in a way to give the other player opportunity to resist so you don't break the power gaming rule.


Examples of valid /me’s:

  • /me takes out his handcuffs from his duty belt, and would attempt to cuff the suspect in-front of him.
  • /me offers the man a handshake with a inviting smile.
  • /me takes the Shot Gun off his back and aims it at Leon's head.

Examples of invalid /me’s:

  • /me forcefully tackles Leon to the ground and kicks him.
  • /me steals the vehicle keys off the man.
  • /me snaps the mans leg in half.

The above list of invalid /me's are fixed below:


  • /me attempts to grab Leon by the back; /do Would he be successful?
  • /me attempts to kick Leon after he tackles him; /do Would he make contact?
  • /me attempts to pick the vehicles door, /do would anyone stop him from stealing the vehicle?
  • Remember always role-play every actions and give people time to respond with the role-play never do stuff in server without proper role-play.


This command is used for describing actions that may be happening around you, in specific details to the role-play scenarion, and used to enhance role-play. It's often used to confirm permission to a /me comment and is used to prevent power-gaming.

Examples of proper usage of /do’s:

  • You are insured and a medic arrives to the location, the medic would begin performing medical role-play on your character via /me's and also /do's. The medical would ask you what wounds or injuries he or she would see on you. A valid response to his or her role-play would be /do A gun shot wound to the chest.
  • A police office is attempting to arrest you and asks if you will resist or not, you would use /do, and respond to his/her /do I would not resist or /do I would Resist. Alwas remember to not break role-play and follow up with /me's after your /do.

Examples of improper usage of /do’s:

  • You are stupid, don't bother me.
  • Singing in the rain
  • I did nothing wrong officer.

Character Interaction

When you are interacting with other members of the community always try to keep a good role-play manner and follow the /me's and /do's do not power game, and do not meta game. If you don't know their name ask, and remember have fun while interacting with others. Keep in mind you do not always have to win the role-play, you are allowed to loose some and win some depending on the type of role-play.

Important Notes

In our community, you will always encounter amazing role-players and you also may encounter bad role+-players, keep in mind not every one is an expert so do your best to help teach and make them feel welcome. If you ever encounter those who break the rule's use /report and wait for the staff to respond do not take it OOC, you can also file a report on discord and on our forums if required if no staff are in game.

Role-Playing is always supposed to be fun and we know that can lead to a drawn out scenario enjoy it and don't complain about the way others role-play. Some people may prefer short role-plays others may prefer long staged one's.

Always treat your character like a real life human being, this means that you should value your life, and do the best to role-play any scenes such as accidents, wounds, etc allow medics and mechanics time to respond to your request for better role-play.



Hopfully you have learned a thing or two about role-play if you would like to see more thing's added to the guide please PM me and I will update it. Welcome to the server, and have fun!!






Edited by Tourelle4u
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