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Ming Pusha

Ming Pusha & the Pusha Family.

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My name is Ming Pusha and I am the primary overlord of the Pusha Family. In recent events, our past homes, Takistan and Lakeside in the beautiful country of Arma 3 have been demolished due to abuse, over empowerment of the government, and just the fled of people, causing the government to overrule. My family and I need a new home. I believe we have found it. 

Ill give you the backstory of how we rose to be the strongest and most undefeated family in the county of Arma. 

In 2016, my brother and I decided we were tired of being thrown around, talked to, disrespected, so we made a change. We began running drug operations, and when I say we expanded, we expanded. Our operations were spread across the entire country of Arma. Our family name spread like wildfire, everyone knew who the Pusha’s were, and that they were not to be fucked with or looked at twice. The other methods of gaining power, shall not be shared. 

My story will not be either. My story is one of a God. 

My family consists of Josh, Jake, Jack, Juan, Ej, Patryk, Benz, Maverick, and some names will not be disclosed for privacy purposes. 

May we look forward to future introductions. 

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