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Kelly Sawyer

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My brother and I have recently moved to this city to help our widowed mother run the family pig farm.  We usually keep between 100-200 pigs for slaughter, and we wholesale the meat to meat processing/packaging companies.  The pig farm is NOT our passion, but it is something we've grown up with all of our lives.  We are currently looking to make some cash (legally, of course) on the side.  Ideally, we can save up enough money to start our own business, save the family pig farm, and maybe even employ some fellows citizens for some honest work.

My name is Kelly, and my brother's name is Serge.  I'm 29, and Serge is 30. I would say I'm more friendly than my brother - he can be a bit of a loose cannon, but he's loyal to the bone.  Serge is interested in fast cars and other shiny toys, and I'm more into jogs around town and fishing with a beer in hand.  

Fortunately, in the short time we've been here, we've been able to avoid some of the more negative aspects of this city's culture we frequently hear about.  We look forward to making more friends around town, and more importantly, business connections.


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Good News and Bad News

Bad news - my brother came down with a major strain of the pig flu and has been bed bound for the last few weeks.  However, he's starting to look much better, and I expect he'll be back on his feet this week.  

Good news -  I got a job that I'm very happy with as a driver at Ansley Air.  I'm able to help newer visitors to the city with free transportation (and make some much needed money).  Ansley and Mason, my bosses, have been very helpful and instructive.  Also, I recently met this street urchin named John Hart who wears ugly shoes - I think Ansley hired him to be my personal assistant.

As a final thought, it's pretty mad how many hooligans are running amok in this city committing crimes, violence, and other atrocities.  It is very rewarding being a law abiding citizen.

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