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Leon Knight

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Chapter 1: The History

my name is Leon, Leon Knight. Growing up nobody knew my name so they often just called me "Boy." Growing up my parents always told me I had a way with writing, but I never put it towards use until this moment in time. I am writing my biography for the people of Los Santos to see where I came from and why I am the person I am today. For a better understanding, of my life I have to tell you my history.

Leon was born on January 28th, 1987 in the city of San Andreas people tended to take me for granted a lot growing up because of my disability "ADHD" but that never once slowed me down in my life it only made me a stronger person. Were I come from is what made me the person who I am today, my mother was a well known prosecutor for San Andreas district attorney and my farther was a police officer in San Andreas. Both my parents raised me to be respectful of all Law Enforcement officers and government officials ;however, they also taught me respect is earned not given. People often state that I have a major attitude problem but they don't understand that growing up I was bullied a lot due to my disability. You often may see that I have a hard time making friends and trusting people due to my past history.

Maybe this is why I became such a hard ass at a young age, and don't take shit from nobody if you want to get down I will gladly step on the street and throw the first punch right or wrong. At the same time though I learned to respect the law and tended to get away with it due to my parents strong knowledge and respect in the law enforcement community. Now life turned for the worse at the age of seven-teen both my parent's were murdered and the killers were never found at this time the state attempted to put me in a group home but I ran away to Los Santos and lived off the streets conducted legal work that would keep me from getting into trouble with law enforcement. At this moment you may see myself trying to enter the academy, and as a result don't commit crimes around me because I will not ignore it.

Life only got better as I became more stable and made friends throughout the city not everyone in the city was a criminal, and some people even respected me for my honesty and loyalty towards the government. Leon is currently attempting to become a Police Officer and will keep trying to follow his life long dream of being a officer like his farther in order to investigate his parents murder and hopefully set his parents killers to life in prison once he is able to locate them..

Stay TUNED for Chapter 2!

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Chapter 2: DMV & Vehicle

Shortly after arriving in the city, I met a nice young man who did not provide me his name. He gave me a ride around town and told me about the DMV and the Vehicle Shop. The young man ended up driving me to the DMV, and I took the test passing it with flying colors. After taken the test, I drove myself to the vehicle shop and waiting for a few hours while the shop was closed. At this time I decided to visit the Job Agency and registered as a fisher men due to the fact I didn't have enough cash on hand. So, if you are visiting the pier or the fishing spot you may run into me.

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