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Carlton Marks

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Hello! I am a long time roleplayer, and I intend to play on your servers once I'm either whitelisted or the servers open up again.


I'd like to tell you about my character: 

Carlton Marks was born in Logan, WV, to two coal miners who had kept alive a legacy dating back nearly a century. Their parents, and those before them had agitated against the unfair conditions of the mining bosses, the scrip that barely kept them fed and locked in bondage, and the rampant corruption it had brought to their politics. In the end they lost to the indefatigable forces of capital, but that fire was passed down, even as barely warm embers, until the day that someone would once again raise the red and black, and fight for workers across the world. That someone was Carlton. From the day he could talk, Carlton has been extremely concerned with justice, and bringing it to those around him. While others with such a passion turned to the courts or the police, Carlton knew that both were merely tools of even greater injustice. No, Carlton knew that justice would never endure until the parasites at the top were cast down. Peacefully, of course. Graduating top of his class from WVCTC in Civil Engineering, he would soon take his degree across the country, working on public works projects across the nation...until, of course, he finally ran afoul of the Bosses. He doesn't like to talk about it, but it was this incident that landed him here, in this city, with little to his name, and a blacklist from his industry for being a "communist agitator". Now, looking up at the rotten edifice of late capitalism, a new fire burned in his heart. Capitalism must fall.


I plan to dabble in some less than legal stuff, but in general Carlton will be a peaceful and productive member of society...albeit to his own definitions of 'productive' that do not feed into the inherent contradictions inherent to capitalism 😄



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It is honestly very refreshing when reading your character's backstory. I hope to meet you on the server because you sound like an interesting person I can't wait to interact with. Have fun on our server man!

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