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Hello fellers, hows about a Taco?

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Names Billy, Billy Tucker. Theres an Officer whut knows me, he took me in fer standin next to a stolen car some other feller had run off from. Pointed a gun at me and everything. i told em "I KNOW MY RIGHTS!" "Whut did I do?" Young lil officer, nice guy he was, and gave me a taco for my troubles, even though i had to walk halfway across Los Santos again, boy my dogs was barkin'.

Now others judge and form opinions and whotnot about me instantly when they see me and hear my talk, they make assumptions that i'm an idiot and have no higher learnin', And I like letting believe that, cause that there gives me the upper have cerebraly. Where Im from my momma had wit so quick shed split yer lip before ya even sassed, from across the room, inbed, sleepin'. She were a good lady..

Anyway, caint wait to get ta know ye fellers. (cept fer them two tweedle dum and dee brothers what tried to wrangle my chickens the other night, I'm keepin an eye out fer them)

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