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The life of Matt

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The life of Matt Sheepster starts in the early nineties, in a small country ravaged by war in the Balkan peninsula.

They say life used to be good there, brotherhood and unity, prosperity, happiness. But those stories were not always true. In the winter of 96, one year after the war was over, Matt was born. Unaware of his surroundings as he is just a baby, he did not know what world he came into. He lived in a small city on the border, not really the greatest place in the universe. The streets were filled with holes that the bombs made, some houses still destroyed, buildings in ruins, crime and violence in every corner of the city. As Matt was growing up and becoming more conscious and he started to realize where he is, and who the people surrounding him really are. He told himself that he will make something out of his life and move to the west. The land of freedom, money and everything your heart desires. The years have passed, things happened, some good and some bad. Once Matt was legally responsible for himself, he started to chase his dream, the land on the west. Los Santos.

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