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Luca Pegorino

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Name/Alias: Luca Pegorino

Date of Birth: 04/09/1997

Occupation: Mercenary for hire

Education: Private Home Schooling.

Twitter: @Luca Pegorino

Ethnic Backgroud: Italian

Notes: Image attached is from when he was Head of Security for Impavido


About you: Luca Pegorino was born into a crime family in Liberty City.  At a rather young age Luca wanted to be a part of the action, growing up only knowing mercenaries and killers, he wanted to work for money and help his family out.  When his father wouldn't let him into the mafia in fear of his son's life, it left Luca with a rather interesting decision.  Live in his father's shadow for the rest of his life, or attempt to make a name for himself elsewhere.  Luca managed to fake his death, leaving his family destroyed emotionally, and made his way off into the heart of Liberty City, where he worked with a small time gang that ended up getting themselves killed in a drug deal gone wrong.  Luca, not knowing where else to go, and having just turned 18, flew out to Vice City with the little money he made with his small gang.  In Vice City Luca was able to rent a small apartment in the bad side of town, where he made a lot of friends in low places.  He ended up joining a bigger gang known as The Crimson Cobras.  In this gang Luca ran drugs with the lower rankings of the gang, but the money was enough to get him by.  This went on for nearly 2 years, and eventually all this running left a paper trail, leading the FIB and the police straight to the Crimson Cobras' door.  When they found out it was Luca that made the slip, he knew he had to get away, quickly.  He booked a flight out to Los Santos under the Alias Benjamin Knight, and was able to make it to Los Santos, nearly getting away from the cobras.  Luca, being the man he was, couldn't make it doing honest work, where he joined an Italian mafia gang known as the Impavidos.  Luca made a good name for himself in the gang, leading him to becoming the Head of Security for the Mafia, as well as managing a lot of the funds that went in and out of the mafia.  By this time, Luca was living large, he had a fancy high end apartment and daily drove a black Aston Martin V12.  Eventually the head of the Mafia, Tony Impavido, had a sudden end of life, promoting his brother Giovanni up to the head, where he then stopped all mafia actions, leaving Luca as poor as when he started, being evicted from his apartment and having his car repoed for his debts to the bank.  Obviously, Luca, not being one to give up through all this pain and suffering, lived as a derelict for almost 2 months on the streets of Los Santos before falling into a gang called "The Collective", a bunch of skull mask wearing, sharp suit dressing, killing bad-asses that never gave out their identity.  That didn't last for long as the city soon fell into a state of Anarchy, where Luca ended up leaving and flying out to the wilderness of Oregon for a while.  Now he is flying back into Los Santos and is looking for a fresh start, and hopefully this new mafia he is falling into will provide him well and give him the "American Dream" he has always wanted.

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