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Padraic Maher

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Name: Padraic Maher

Date of Birth: 24/05/99

Occupation: Banking industry

Education: High School drop out

Contact Info: @CollectiveIrish

Ethnic Background: Irish American


About you: Padraic 'Irish' Maher, born in Ireland raised in Boston, son to a murdered convicted felon. My father Ryan was a wanted man back in Ireland, my mother was murdered weeks after my birth in a drive by shooting at our small house in Dublin, with police and rival gangs closing in my father took to Boston to found the Irish Mafia where he quickly climbed the ranks up to Boss. I grew up surrounded by gang banging murders, crooks and wanted men which I was blissfully unaware of in my youth. At 12  years old I witnessed death for the first proper time, the FBI finally had enough evidence to ruin my fathers organization, dozens of cops equipped with assault rifles came exploding into the house, shots were exchanged with the police and mafia soldiers but in the end it was pointless, my father surrendered himself a man of respect and was sentenced to life in a max sec federal prison where he lived his final moments before a he was slashed and murdered by a rival gang. One of my fathers mistresses took me here, to Los Santos. At 14 I was robbing stores, dealing dope at 16 and co led the Sons of Zeus at 17. Olympus was another turn in my life, all started out well but we were in over our heads.. Lads started to want more paychecks which myself and Ilja (my under boss) could not afford to dish out, a mutiny broke out which we quickly quenched.. 13 of my 15 boys all dead left to rot in a ditch up in Blaine County and with so much cop heat added on top we decided to split and lay low or at least I thought we did, I ended up getting invited into Collective a position I could not pass up which ended up benefiting me as I quickly climbed the ranks making a name for myself within the shadows of Los Santos - Leader of the Collective.

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