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Milf Hero

Tavish McDel

What do you think of Tavish's backstory?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Tavish's backstory?

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Tavish McDel is Irish. He doesn't sound like it, I know. He had quite an unstable home environment to thank for that. Tavish was born in Belfast, Ireland. He lived there five short years before moving to the outskirts of Manchester, England. His bastard of a father left when Tavish was five years old. He abandoned the family and, due to financial burdens, they were forced to move in with close relatives in Manchester. Tavish's brother Liam, was seven years older than Tavish and the first to move out of the house. Liam had big dreams, big dreams that lead him overseas to America. Tavish stayed and supported their mother until she passed away when he was fifteen. Tavish's mother had been sick ever since their Dad left them. Doctors couldn't really diagnose what she had. Tavish heard adults say she died due to her broken heart and Tavish believed it. On his own, and upset about life, he got mixed in with a group of rebels. Shacking up with a group of young boys in the same situation as himself, they resorted to petty theft and other small crimes to scrape by. They grew up together, like a makeshift family, but Tavish never forgot his brother. He stayed in contact with him in any way he could until one day his brother invited him to Los Santos. He set up a little place for them but would be away on a business trip. Liam never told Tavish what this business was but he didn't care. He would be in a house and close to his brother again. Without pause, Tavish caught the next plane ticket to Los Santos, where he would start a new chapter of his life. A chapter full of crazy, wild, and dangerous characters and events, unlike any he has ever seen before.

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