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Cyrus Cooper

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Cyrus Cooper is really just your average man who grew up in the rough

streets of Sudbury. His troubled past paved the way for him to become the man he is

today. His parents split when he was barely old enough to speak a work and his father did

the best he could in raising him. But, with his father working long hours and having a habit

of frequenting the bars, Cyrus found himself running in with the law a little too often.

Lucky for him he was given special attention from Officer Laurie Jackshaw of the Sudbury

Police Department.

      Officer Jackshaw saw the potential in young Cyrus and took him under his

wing. With his assistance, Cyrus managed to make it out of high school and into the

local college where he would obtain his Criminal Justice degree. During his college years,

he made use of the programs and found himself studying abroad for a couple semesters.

He would also find the time to travel to a couple different places, even having a love affair

or two, but something about Sudbury kept bringing him back home.

After obtaining his degree he was not so quick to join a police department but instead decided to venture out and see what the American dream has to offer. Maybe he will take a different route? Maybe he will find a police department to call home.

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