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Monthly or Weekly Car Shows

Should we do the Monthly/Weekly Car Shows?  

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  1. 1. Should we do the Monthly/Weekly Car Shows?

    • Yes, Monthly
    • Yes, Weekly
    • No Car Show at all

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I am proposing the possibility of having weekly or monthly car shows in Los Santos. This will give people a chance to show off their rides and talk about how much progress they have made with either restoring or completely rebuilding a car. Its also a social event so people can talk about what or why they like cars and stuff like that. The Perfect place to do these car shows would be the LSIA Main Hangar where the two private luxury jets spawn. That has plenty of space for 32+ cars depending if some people bring multiple cars. Here are some pics of past car shows I have hosted.





Now of course the car shows aren't strictly exotics. If you have a car that you think is beautiful and are restoring you can bring it by. Even motorcycles are welcomed. I should be calling it an auto show, but its basically the same. Let me know what you guys think of this idea in the replies so the staff can decide if we should or should not do it as a civilization of Los Santos!

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This is already done regularly by Redline, stop by some time we do them a couple times a week.

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I did not know you guys did car shows that often I think I have only seen one since I moved to the city but I do play pretty late

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