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How Do!

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Ey 'up mucka's the name's Joe, Joe Carr.


No, I am not related to Alan or Jimmy Carr.


I have been around a few servers and tbh I have found it difficult to find one that I can call home and log into time and time again a lot of them seem to have a rule against RDM or VDM which is fantastic but it still happens and nothing is done to the offender, I am hoping that this server is different. 


I am fairly new to RP on a game but I reckon it is easy to do, I am an actor so I guess that's a form of RP. I have only been on the server a few times and so not had the opportunity to RP with anyone yet. I am going to try and stay as legal as I can but who knows what may happen?


The first stop for me is getting a license to drive in your beautiful city, the step after that is finding a job that pays well.

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