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Ronald Donald

Ronald Donald

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This is Ronald Donald , a young 18 year old Belgian. His dad was known for being one of the biggest narcotics dealers in all america, he was seeing his dad really rarely.


That made Ronald really depressed, he started having anger issues, he wanted to be involved in his dad’s business, his dad denied his involvement, Ronald started killing little drug dealers that worked with his dad in sign of revenge, he was caught by the police while trying to kill one of his dad’s dealers, the dealer got away and told his dad that his son is in custody and will be arrested, that day his dad went on a full on shootout with the police and found his end. Ronald felt good, but bad at the same time, he got 10 years for 1st degree murder. His dad was working for Luca Corleone, so Luca got Ronald out of the prison for him to replace his father that has done dumb shit.

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