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Ashley Archer

Taylor Jackson

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Story of Taylor Jackson formally known as Widow

    Taylor's story begins with when she was just 8 years old, she was a prodigy in playing the violin, her parents were fairly wealthy and didn't want her to play violin wanted her to play the piano. Her parents disowned her at this age and didn't support her in her endeavors. She finally one day snapped and killed both her parents with a switch blade she found in their house, thus leading her down the spiral of then becoming a hit woman. She never once got caught each death she caused not a single trace left behind. She worked for both the Agency as Widow and she worked in another city under the same name for a mob called The Fedele. She shortly was drove insane from hearing screams and horrible night mares every night, her classical music she'd listen to hardly could keep her calm anymore... The leader of the Fedele assigned her with a task that brought her to her end.... She was to get information on a cop, figure out info about his life and family, anything that the Fedele could use against him. Eventually leading her to falling in love with the cop and telling him everything about her. The cop then helped her out getting her mental help and getting her life turned around. She now is a Manager of the Vanilla Unicorn happy with what her life is now, she works a hard honest living and likes making people happy providing entertainment and mixing people drinks. Sometimes her criminal days come back to her but she shakes it off with her returning to her violin playing.

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