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Hunter Jones

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This is the story of Hunter Jones


Hunter was your average 18 year old, grew up with a mother, a father and some siblings. Living out of Canada, Hunter grew up in a tough neighbor hood all he had was his job, He was a Combat Engineer for the Military when he was 16 He didn't have any friends, he was a really shy guy. It was mostly because he was bullied as a kid, his family didnt love him, He basically had to provide for him self. Eventually he had enough of it. On his 18th birthday Hunter bought a plane ticket to Los Santos, with his only buddy Jimmy. With no money, and no job, Hunter had to take those stray jobs, be a grunt. He eventually got in trouble with the law arrested for robbery. 


The arresting officer cut him a deal, Hunter realized that he caught a lucky break, This is where he decided he needed to smarten up. He went looking for jobs, not many places would hire him because of his criminal record. He eventually got hired by the Los Santos Gas Company as a truck driver. As of right now, He lives in his truck when he is not delivering gas. Hunter is hoping that he would be able to join the LSFD as a EMT. Time is all he has to wait for now. It's just Hunter, and the lonely road.

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