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I figure it's time I introduce myself. I've been through the server off and on since August I believe (that's when I registered here). I've been on a quest to find that perfect server for me... that combines the best rules, a decent staff, and a solid community. I come from another server (remain nameless) that is experiencing some RP quality issues. Previous it was a great server... but I really need a community with quality RP, and that takes it serious. Everything I've read and researched, this server/community should be it. 


I have an extensive background where gaming for me started in the late 80's and early 90's. I got my first PC in the early 90's and started RPing in AOL chat rooms. From there it was MMO's... and beyond since. I generally try to RP in every game I play with other people. Whether that's shooters like Battlefield (where I've run my own tactical realism units) or MMO's, or survival games (like Day Z). GTA RP I started with in SAMP back in the day and ran a police department of some 40+ Officers. We had full time SWAT, Air Support, Patrol, and Detectives. This was back when the server I was on could hold 256 players. When FiveM launched... I've been RPing everywhere I could just trying to find the right home. I'm part of a number of communities one of which houses a number of large streamers (won't name that one either). I do stream, 5 days a week... with just over 9,000 followers. 


I have been a Police Officer on a bunch of servers from Sheriff and Chief all the way down to Cadet. Currently I'm a Sergeant for the BCSO on another server but if I make this my home and get on with the department here, I'll be leaving that one. 


In real life... I'm a retired Police Officer with 12 years on patrol. I retired to pursue other adventures in another state and possibly a different line of employment. I plan to start my own business next month (it's already up and running it's just not official to the public just yet). Prior to law enforcement, I served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry machinegunner. I did 4 years and two overseas deployments. I currently help with a non-profit organization called Stack Up that helps Veterans and Servicemembers through gaming. If you haven't looked them up, you should. 


So that's me in all my 35 years of life. Looking forward to RPing here.


Here's a backstory and intro to my character:



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