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Aleister Sinnett

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Aleister Sinnett, A humble 26 year old man still trying to find his proper life, after being told to go home from the U.S. Military, Sinnett decided to join the police force in hopes of making a difference in the world. While living in Liberty City for a bit of time with his cousin Ivan Kobayashi, Sinnett was a Trooper in Liberty City for a month before he moved to Los Santos. Once he moved to Los Santos, Sinnett applies and gets accepted to the PD on the 28th of September and goes along with the demands of the police force. After about a week of working in the city of Los Santos, he was given the task of a State Trooper, something Sinnett has gotten used to in LC. After growing to the Rank of Sergeant, Aleister was offered a Spot back in the City as a Lieutenant of the LSPD, which he greatly accepted! As a Captain of the LSPD, Sinnett promised himself to help Los Santos become safe as any city should be. Doing so got him the rank of Chief of the LSPD. To this day, Sinnett has kept his promise of keeping the city of Los Santos safe.










(May update more info later)

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