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Marcin Orlovsky

Kenneth Barond

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“Kenneth grew up in a rich suburb of Detroit, where his parents had immigrated to from Poland. He lived a fairly privileged childhood, playing with his friends around the neighborhood and often times with his cousin, Marcin. Marcin and Kenneth were nearly inseparable at times when they were growing up. They would go out to the nearby park and play until the sun went down at night. It seemed like a nearly unbreakable relationship. However, times took a change for the worst. One summer evening at a campfire, Marcin and Kenneth were playing catch with their friends. As Kenneth went to catch the ball, Marcin tripped Kenneth who went sliding into the hot burning coals of the nearby campfire. Kenneth was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for 3rd degree burns. The accident caused his face to be severely burned and his lungs were damaged from incident. That was the moment where Kenneth changed. He resented his cousin Marcin for this incident. He wanted nothing to do with him. His teenage years were filled with drug dealing and getting into fights with the other local kids. Kenneths Parents kicked him out of the house when he was 17 and Kenneth moved away from Detroit. He started on his way towards California. Along the way he would find himself in the hospital again where they would prescribe him a sort of “Respiratory mask”, altering his voice and helping him breath. This mask is essential to his survival as he cannot breath without it. Kenneth now roams the streets of Los Santos, trying to find his path again…”

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