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Vladimir Putanksi

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Name: Vladimir Putanski

Age: 40

Occupation: Unemployed


Moving from the USSR to the promising USA when aged 16, Vladimir had a whole life in front of him in America. But when he arrived people made fun of him because of his Russian accent. When he told the principal that he got bullied, he looked up and started laughing. Vladimir took matters in his own hands. He got up to one of the bullies in the lunchbreak and shatterd his jaw with a powerfull right after he said 'Прощай" . Vladimir was kicked out of school and made friends on the streets. Only a few weeks later he executed his first armed robbery injuring a storeclerk and a old man. He did not get caught, but 4 weeks later when Vladimir was waiting for a container full of Colombian cocaine that was going to arrive at the SA Seaport he got caught. It was a set up. Vladimir got sentenced to 24 years in prison.


Now he is out of jail and on the look out for revenge for the coke set-up.

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