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Charles Bronson

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Name:Charles Bronson


Occupation: Mechanic


Coming from the UK to San Andreas at the age of 38, he was bored of all the UK prisons.. He served time in almost every one of them. He enjoyed the life inside more then the life outside those walls. Still somehow he was bored. He wanted something new.


He had his struggles with the police at the early age. Robbing stores near his neighborhood, punching in anyone's face who just looked at him sideways. When he first got himself into prison it was because someone looked at the girl he liked. He beat up the guy so bad he almost died.. His niece McGregor saved him but as goodwilling as he was they couldn't avoid the police. For the help his niece gave him he had lost his job at the London EMS force, so he decided to move from London to SA thus why it seemed more inviting for Charles to move there too after all the time he served. From the age of 30 to 37 he was in and out of different prisons for various reasons. Under this period he grew more and more fond of the life inside. That was his little kingdom where he could shine. He didn't care about no rules no people, everyone feared him. You would say he is a psychopath which I would agree with but he is a funny one.


After arriving in San Andreas he got into the criminal world pretty fast. He found friends and foes obviously more of the last mentioned one. Fullfilling his promise to himself that he would try something new, first he just fucked around with cops, and let himself only captured for little things for a few months to try a few new prisons and he enjoyed them so far..



(note: some of the backstory could be found in a film titled: Bronson; directed by Nicolas Winding Refn : he has inspired this character a lot)

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