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James Brockwell

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James Brockwell

Age : 52

Occupation : Police Superintendent


When James flew over from the UK to San Andreas, at just 25 years, he was ambitious to learn the city, become allies with it. Joining the ems team for a few years, willing to help in whatever way possible


Moving on to more demanding jobs, at 27, he joined the police force under the leadership of

Police Chief, Jake Ryan. As a deputy sheriff, purging Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores was his goal. Throughout this period, a lot would change in James’ life. At 30, he was promoted into the state trooper team, which is where He spent most of his low ranked police time. James showed up to an armed robbery at Blaine County savings bank. Chief Jake was there, everything errupted, gunshots left right and centre. Locals involved themselves, in the crossfire, the chief was hit. Once all the gunmen were subdued, James ran over to his chief, where Jake uttered something to Rusk.


After Jakes funeral, it was announced that James would become police commissioner. He held that title until just gone present, where he sits at Superintendent. After Cyphers election win, Brockwell realised how long he spent serving the force, and decided a new, fresh leadership was perhaps due.


But with age, comes different characteristics. No longer ambitious to make sure everyone likes him, he is willing to go to further extents to get his way. Perhaps even breaking certain protocols, but people turn a blind eye to it, as when push comes to shove, it works and purges the criminal scum.

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