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Guest Antonne

    Where there is a family of unique strangers, there is always a story to tell. Antonne William is the grandson of William “West” McCabe who was a marine and one of the original members of the Lost MC. The Lost MC started in 1919 just after the first WW1 the original members were all veterans who were unable to return back to “normal” life and were struggling to survive. The Lost MC was originally formed by 8 members, one of whom–Tim Wyatt–never made it back from the war, but kept watch over them from the Heavens. The lost MC needed quick cash and control. The group soon were able to produce methamphetamine and were successfully distributing for quite a while. In 1942, William got married and had his first son, Kyle William, who carried his fathers legacy after he passed in 1968. William died upon suspicious circumstances and it was never investigated by local law enforcement. Everyone was told it was a heart attack and nothing could have been done, but the club had their suspicions that it was foul play. Kyle was 26 at the time.. 

The club flourished for years before the police intervened, the drugs sales and territory disputes had finally caught up to them. Numerous shootouts occurred, killing an increasing number of club members. Brothers fighting with law enforcement or other competing clubs, dying side by side. It was disasterous for everyone involved. Over time, The Lost, like every outlaw club, suffered a setback when Sgt. At Arms Daniel “Mills'' Goldsmith was killed in a gunfight with a rival gang known as the Downtown Riders MC. The club's top road captain, Martin Grenfall, died next, torn to shreds in a fierce battle with the police department's SWAT unit, whose search warrant was for the wrong house. Guns and filthy hooligans weren't the only things that wreaked havoc on the club; drug abuse became a problem for many of the members. The acting president, Johnny Easton, became addicted to methamphetamine. Gail, Johnny's girlfriend, continued to feed her addiction by selling herself to support her habit. To Johnny's chagrin, the club shrank and went underground.

    In 1982, Kyle introduced Antonne William to the world. He nicknamed his son “West” in memory of his father and brought him up in the wilderness learning how to survive in this harsh world. Kyle always met up with those who had survived throughout the years, and as West got older, he began to tag along. It was like clockwork every Friday night, the pair would dress and meet up at some old mechanic shop, gathering around a group of leathered old men telling stories of the “good ole days”. Some of which were told of William McCabe. West began to ask questions about his grandfather, whom he was named after. His mom always told him these great stories about how he was kind, thoughtful and smart. His father never wanted to talk about him, until finally, after a night of binge drinking and meth, Kyle admitted to West that he had murdered his father in order to take over the business. West was shocked and disappointed, instantly losing all respect for his father. He left his hometown with what little change he had rattling in his pockets in search of a new place to call home, vowing to finish what his grandfather started. This is where he would meet Jade Petrova, and his new family from the dark corners of Los Santos. 

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