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kole mollet

Report a Player - Officer summey

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  • In-game Character Name
    rob Dydrik
  • Name of the player(s) you're reporting
    Officer summey
  • I have attempted to resolve this issue
  • Date of the incident
  • Time of incident
    10:30 pm
  • Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident
    robbed a bank and when we leave not even 2 minutes into the chase this officer proceeds to drive infront of me pits me into the wall holds me there and says your not going on the highway not happening. so i proceed to shoot and kill this 1 officer and after he dies and the other cops get me.While dead he says "that cars broken you cant do that" and then i break rp and go off on him just for him to say " u cant talk while dead" the car does 140 ish and i just bought it today nobody told me i cant use it or i wouldnt of bought it.. had to trim clip to 2 minutes to upload
  • Add your evidence
  • I have read the terms

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Dude what? how do i get banned for talking while dead and being toxic but my clip clearly shows the cop scuffing the hole thing and breaking rp first.. I bet he got wat he deserved my brothers... O wait

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