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Getting a Drivers License / Permit

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Welcome to American Dream Gaming. This guide will help you in taking the Driving Theory Test and the Driving Practical Test to obtain a Drivers Permit & License!

Step 1: Head to the DMV located here - 


Step 2: Head inside this building - 


Step 3: Go up to the staff and flex your alt muscle to see the license menu - 



Step 4: Select Driver Permit. You'll be presented with the Theory Test. Complete the 10 questions to continue (don't worry, you can retake the test as many times as need) - 


Step 4: Once completed you'll receive a driver permit in your pocket (press F2 to open your inventory) this allows you to continue on and do your Practical Test. To do the Practical flex your alt muscle again at the desk and select Drivers License - 


Step 5: Ok so now you're ready to take the Practical Test. Select Drivers License in the licenses menu and you'll start the test -



(Take your time with this and follow the traffic laws. You CAN take this test again if you fail, so don't worry. Follow the route marked on your map and then it will take you back to the DMV where you'll either PASS or FAIL) At the end of the test, once you've returned to the DMV (if you PASSED you'll receive the license in your pocket, just like the Permit earlier).


That's It Congratulations You Now Know How To Get Your Driving License!



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