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Welcome to ADG / Creating a Character

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Welcome to American Dream Gaming, this will guide you through creating your character and getting started in the city.

Ok so assuming it's your first time flying in, you'll be presented with this screen. This is where you choose a slot and register your character.


Click the slot you want and then click the register button. And then you'll be presented with this screen where you enter the relevant information you'd like your character to have.  


After choosing your name, nationality etc click confirm and you'll be presented with this screen. Here's where you chose your apartment.


Click a location and it will load you into the chosen apartment. You'll then have the option to fully customise your persons clothes, skin etc. Understand that this is what your character will look like for the foreseeable future (excluding clothing) so try not to make any mistakes.


Not only can you customise the clothes but you can adjust various other things such as Jaw width, eye color etc.


When you're ready you can click confirm to save your chosen options and continue.

Ok so let's take a look around the apartment. If you walk further in and find your bedroom you'll see a box on the floor. This is your Stash. You can use this to hide/store personal items you don't wish to carry around on your person all day. 


To access it just walk up to the red chevron and flex your e muscle. It will show you you're inventory like this.


To add stuff into your stash just input the amount into the box with the 0 in it and then drag the item you want from left to right. Moving on if you turn around you'll see a wardrobe. Here you can change your clothes and view stored outfits.


Just walk up to it flex your e muscle to look inside.  You'll then see saved outfits.



That's it you've successfully made your character and have been shown your new apartment. Please check out frequently-asked-questions in the American Dream discord channel (link below) for more helpful info!


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