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Garbage Collector - Job Guide

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Welcome to the Garbage Collector job guide, this will teach you everything you need to know!

Head to the job centre.


The Job Centre is located here


Once you've made it here, you need to head inside. Now head to the right side of the main desk and using your alt muscle + right clicking, a menu will appear. Select the Garbage Truck job. Congratulations you're now a Garbage Collector! 


Now you're going to need a vehicle, any vehicle will do just something to get you to and from. Once you have one head here - The Depot.


The Depot is location here.


Once you're there look for a red chevron and flex your e muscle. You'll pull out a garbage truck, pay a deposit and have a route set for the first pickup.


Now follow the route to the first destination. Once there follow the prompt 'stand here to grab a bag' then load it into the back of the truck.


Now head to each destination following the instructions. Once you've finished all of them, head back to the depot.


Once here park your truck in the red chevron to return the truck. Then head to the stairs behind to collect your pay-slip.


Flex your e-muscle to clock out and collect your pay and your truck deposit (if you completed all the designated jobs).


To check how much cash you have type /cash.


That's it Congratulations!


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